Twelve Favorite GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Moments To Get You Jazzed For Opening Night (Editorial)

by Daniel Payne
With the much-anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy movie finally opening tomorrow evening, I figured now would be a time to get us all even more excited (is that even possible???) by listing some of my favorite moments involving the team members that are in the movie. Whether you agree or disagree with these, hopefully they put a smile on your face, and get us all talking. Feel free to post some of YOUR favorites!

12. One ass-kicking tree.

11.  "I'm clearly wrong-headed..."

10. Gamora's enthusiasm.

9. Rocket in mourning.

8. What Rocket loves about Earth.

7. Drax fulfulling his life's mission.

6.  Star-Lord spoils the moment.

5.  The Unfeasibly Large Cannon.

4.  "I thought *I* was your best friend."

3. "You're one of the good ones"

2. The meeting that MUST HAPPEN in the films.

1.  "Bravest thing I ever saw. Ever."


  1. Love this list Daniel. Great job putting it together. #1 is definitely at the top of my list. Love that moment.

  2. Great list! Love em all. #6 and #5 for me.

  3. This is great! I'm very new to the Guardian's universe. Could anyone provide the comic these strips are from?

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