The Fabrikation Figure Of Rocket Raccoon (From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) Is Adorably Deadly

Funko, the company that creates the ever popular POP! bobbleheads, has just announced a Rocket Raccoon figure for their new 'Fabrikations' line. These figures look similar to the POP! figures (with big heads and small bodies) but have one major difference: they are cuddly! There is sure to be a LOT of Galaxians scooping this figure up!

The plush figure is set to be released on October 2014. We will post a link to the Amazon preorder as soon as it is made available! Stay tuned to GuardTheGalaxy for further updates!


  1. That is completely horrifying

  2. Hey, Cameron, for next weeks poll, can you please have it be "How Much Money Will Guardians Rack In It's Opening Weekend" and can you have the choices be $100 million+, $60-$69 million, and $70-$99 million? Please reply. Thanks.

    1. I will al! I was gonna do that one this week, but with Comic-Con this week, I really wanted to ask about Guardians 2.

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