REVIEWS: Critics Everywhere Are Falling In Love With The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently at a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics everywhere are raving. It's official...the film is great! Check out the reviews below!


"A well-matched ensemble rises to the challenge of launching a heroic origin film with distinctive style, abundant thrills and no shortage of humor."
Justin Lowe, THR

"James Gunn's old-school romp in the far reaches of the universe owes more to Joss Whedon's “Firefly” than to his “Avengers,” blending action, thrills, and humor with skill."
James Rocchi, The Wrap

"A motley crew of mercenaries and mutants are the galaxy's last best hope in Marvel's gently subversive superhero sendup."
Scott Foundas, Variety

"Possibly one of the funniest (and strangest) Marvel movies yet, James Gunn and his cast deliver an infinitely entertaining space opera that's really something quite special. J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars" movie now has even more to live up to."
Edward Douglas, ComingSoon

"If you thought Avengers Assemble was the ultimate comic book hero mash-up, wait ’til you get a load of this."
David Edwards, Mirror

"At its core, Guardians is a fleet-footed throwback to the action-adventure movies of yesteryear. Remember when big-screen entertainment wasn't so serious and just really good fun?"
Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy


  1. SPOILER FREE! (if you want to know stuff just ask)

    I am completely in love with this movie. (I tweeted earlier. My twitter is buckred5). So Many times ive got so hyped up for a movie only to feel slightly deflated after watching it. Not this time. Its everything you want from a GOTG movie and more. EVERY character is perfect. Chris Pratt has you in stitches from the title screen and doesn't let up till the end credits. Rocket is how you imagine Rocket but with even more attitude. Its so impressive how a CGI character can hold so much weight on the screen. Bradley Cooper makes him totally believable and ridiculously hilarious. Groot is the heart of the movie (Rocket a close second). You will fall in love with him completely. I wish I had Groot. Which brings us to Drax and Gamora.... these two characters I was worried about. I wasn't sure if Dave could pull Drax off. Would he just be the big brute that grunts and smashes stuff? Not at all! I'm happy to say his dialogue is great and has surprisingly good comedy timing. Hes very funny indeed. I was worried that Zoe/Gamora would be the token female in the group. To look pretty, stuck up and have not much personality. Nope! Gamora maybe the most serious of the group but she also the moral compass. She is a great antidote to Petes wise cracking. She also has some very very funny lines.

    But the best thing about this movie is James Gunn. I love Marvel films however this is a very different Marvel movie. Apart from having the Marvel title and characters this could just be a wonderful, fun space adventure film. I cant tell you enough how great James is. This is what he was born to do. Every time you think its getting a tad serious something unexpected happens that's has you in fits of giggles. Any time you think it starting to get cheesy he pulls a 180.

    If only George Lucas and Michael Bay went to the same school of directing. There is soooooooo much heart in this movie. It makes you feel like a kid again. It reminds me of when I was in wonder watching films like The Last Starfighter and Flight of the Navigator and even the Goonies. Ive booked my tickets to see it again next Thurs 31st opening night here in UK.

    Rest assured GOTG (2008) fans, this is the movie you've been waiting for.

  2. Yesterday I had the chance to see the movie more than one month before it officially starts here in Germany and it was absolutely awesome! I loved this film so much and I think, the smile on my face, that I had while watching it, will never disappear!

  3. In an interview with The Wrap, Nicole Perlman, the original writer of this movie had confirmed James Gunn will be back and is already outlining the sequel... ;)

  4. With all these positive reviews for Guardians coming in, save for one or two negative reviews, I think this will help Guardians become Marvel's next worldwide billion dollar hit when it comes out in just 6 more days left to go. And, I now think it'll make over $100 million over its 3-day opening weekend.

  5. Is it August 1st yet??? Can't wait to see this movie...

  6. Meet the 1st reviewer to score a blow dropping the score to 97%:

    You can read his harsh review through that link. I thought this guy is a supporter of the other side, but apparently he hates all superhero movies giving most of them bad scores smh

  7. I know! This guy is a joke. I couldn't disagree with him more. And he gave the recent Robocop movie a higher rating WTF? I think Yahoo need to get a different reviewer.

    1. ^edit. Wasn't a Yahoo reviewer. sorry Yahoo.


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