It's hard to believe that in less than three days, most of us will be sitting down in a theater and watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. It's been a long journey, keeping up with the film's production, speculating plot points, and watching trailers non-stop. Now we finally get to see the finished product. 

Throughout the process, director James Gunn was extremely adamant that Guardians would feature lots and lots of "easter eggs" from the Marvel universe. For those who don't know, "easter eggs" are references, character appearances, cameos, etc. which are hidden in films and not always easy to spot. After the jump, check out a growing list of easter eggs from Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, if you have already seen the film and noticed any easter eggs not listed yet, drop us a comment below.


1. The man, the legend, Stan Lee appears in a bar scene, making advances on a younger lady, much to Rocket's disgust.

2. Director James Gunn's friends Lloyd Kaufman and Nathan Fillon both appear in a Kyln prison scene as inmates, the latter in heavy makeup.

3. The following characters appear as prisoners in The Collector's "collection":

A 'Dark Elf' from Thor: The Dark World

- Howard The Duck (in a cage above the elf)

- Cosmo (the Russian telepathic dog)

- A 'Chitauri' from The Avengers

That's all we have for now. If you noticed anything else, drop us a comment below!


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    James Gunn
    For those of you who asked, yes, Quill’s ship The Milano is named after his awesome childhood crush @Alyssa_Milano. #GuardiansoftheGalaxy

  2. I totally forgot to look out for Howard the Duck! I completely missed him. Im off to see it again on Thurs so will look out for him. Cosmo however is an easy spot though... I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'll just say his appearance is very apt and a nod to the comics. You will have a chuckle.

  3. Beta Ray Bill can be seen in The Collector scene. His red cape is obvious but you can just make out a horse head even though the background is blurred

  4. I swear that was Beta Ray Bill in the background also. Good eye david.

  5. Did anyone else notice there was a horse skull in the beginning of the orb room scene? There was a human skeleton propped up on a pole and the skull was hanging on top of it. Maybe not Bill, but still curious.

  6. I definitely noticed Beta Ray Bill as well. Or possibly Beta Ray Bill. At least I noticed the red cape and orange skin but they pulled the focus really fast, I was unable to make out the horse shaped head. But glad others noticed this as we.. For those that want to know w, he appears on the right side of the screen at some point.

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