In 2 days, Jonathan Liebesman and Michael Bay's new film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will make it's way to theaters, and possibly rob Guardians of the Galaxy of it's glory at the Box Office. It's estimated by many people that they'll both come out around with a $45 Million weekend, but plans could very well change! Guardians of the Galaxy is currently %92 on Rotten Tomatoes, while TMNT is only %33. Do you think Guardians will be victorious, or will the ninjas pull a Transformers: Age Of Extinction on us? Leave your comments below Galaxians!


  1. TMNT looks frickin terrible. I'll be seeing Guardians again on Friday.

  2. Is this even a question? TMNT will bomb.

  3. The possibility to that does exist.
    In my country, TMNT is going to open on schedule (with the US release), while there's still no sign of Guardians opening sooner than the planned date (which is still two weeks away). Not just that, TMNT has already been given PG rating, while I heard Guardians will be given R-rated similar to Winter Soldier, which means lesser income coming from here, and several other countries *sigh*

    1. Curious? What country are you from? Do you not have the pg13 rating?

  4. Alright, Marvel fans and/or movie fans in America. LlSTEN UP. You are all doing a great job with keeping Guardians of the Galaxy at #1 with more than $11.9 million dollars a day even today. So, let's step it up. Today, let's get Guardians to gross $12.35 million so GOTG will end up with $139 million grossed so far after it's first 7 days in theaters. Then, when the weekend comes let's make sure Guardians beats TMNT for the #1 spot, with Guardians winning at #1 with $48 million dollars ($23 million on Friday, $17 million on Saturday and $8 million on Sunday) and TMNT beaten at #2 with $42 million dollars ($20 million on Friday, $15 million on Saturday, and $7 million on Sunday). SO, C'MON GUYS. DON'T STOP. KEEP GOING. HURRY, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. LET'S DO IT. Don't let Guardians lose to another Michael Bay crap movie. Okay, thanks. ;)

  5. Well, I will say that Michael Bay fills his movies with Saturday morning cartoon action and juvenile humor...a combination which actually might work out well for him for a change with the turtles. The better question will be if he can resist blowing up the entire city. Going to see it tonight, guess I'll find out.

    That said, I can't possibly imagine it'll do nearly as well. I expect it to suck.

  6. Unfortunately, as Transformers is a testament of, people are willing to pay for crap that has thrills and a bit of nostalgia. Its gonna do well, but don't count Guardians out yet. It had a stellar opening weekend and hasn't even released worldwide quite yet.


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