MERCH: More Rocket-Inspired GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Merch On The Way?

By Cameron Logan

It's official. Guardians of the Galaxy is a hit, and has spawned a whole new franchise for Marvel/Disney. The toys are flying off the shelves, and Rocket and Groot are widely adored by families everywhere. With this newfound popularity, can we expect to see more Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise making its way to stores? Well, duh!

Paul Gitter, Disney Consumer Products' Senior Vice President of Licensing, recently talked to TheWrap about Guardians of the Galaxy's success, specifically about one Sir Rocket Raccoon.

"You can never fully predict a breakout character," said Gitter. "But we knew he was funny and that kids especially would respond to him, since, like many kids, he is underestimated because of his size...Rocket is unlike anything we have in Marvel merchandise, and licensees have risen to the expected demand with a range of Rocket-inspired products."

It sounds like Disney is pretty happy with the popularity of Rocket Raccoon. With Avengers merchandise found in almost every store imaginable, should we soon expect to see loads of Guardians merchandise appear as often?  Gitter added, “Due to the response and demand, we are working closely with licensees on additional product assortments for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,' led by Rocket-inspired offerings."

Most of us Galaxians believed that Rocket would be the breakout star of the franchise, and that seems to be the case. What Guardians merchandise would you like to see appear in the future? Drop a comment below and let us know!


  1. I would like to see a baby groot of course.

  2. "More Rocket-Inspired GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Merch On The Way?"

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