PIC: Alternate NOVA Armor Featured In Latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Concept Art

Next Tuesday, we will be seeing TONS of concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy, when Guardians of the Galaxy: The Art of the Movie is released. Apparently, someone got their hands on an advanced copy, because an image from the book has been making the rounds. The image features concept art for a member of the 'Nova Corps'. This design was not used in the movie, but what makes it interesting is that it looks very similar to the current comic incarnation of Nova (Sam Alexander). Could we possibly see different types of Nova in the Guardians sequel? Only time will tell!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Art of the Movie Slipcase can be ordered now on Amazon. It is expected to be released next Tuesday, August 12th, so go ahead and get yours now (click the image below)!


  1. Wow that's awesome. the shape realy is reminescent of Richard's helmet but it's basicaly Sam's color scheme.

    1. Very true. I would be happy to see this design make it into the sequel. I wanna see some Nova's rocketing through the air!

  2. I picked up a copy of that book yesterday. It is fantastic, easily my favourite of Marvel's "The Art Of The Movie" series yet. The Sakaaran concepts and the concept art for Thanos are definitely two of the highlights. There's also lots of alternate versions of Star-Lord, as well as the Nova Corps. uniforms. One even bears a remarkably strong resemblance to the armour worn by members of the Fraternity Of Raptors.

    1. Where'd you get a copy?

    2. I ordered it in through my local comic book store here in Ireland. They always get these books in two weeks early. It's not really advanced stock either. I don't know about in the States, but over here the distributors release those books to comic and book stores a few weeks earlier than they go on sale online. Basically, the release date in shops was July 31st, but online it was August 14th. I was asking the store owner about it and he said it's to encourage people to buy from the shops rather than waiting and buying online.

  3. I thought everything was perfect about this movie...until I saw this. I loved what Gunn did to the Nova Corps, I think it worked with the world he had established, but I can definitely say he made a misstep by not going with this design or something where the red cross was a bit more prominent. I do wish we saw the Superhero-like Novas, but after what Gunn said about them not being his favorite I have a feeling we wont. Sucks, because both Rich and Sam are my favorite Marvel characters.

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