REVIEW: Guardians Of The Galaxy Hat And Shirt From!

By Dan Payne
Hey everyone...

I recently agreed to review some products on this site for the great guys at I can't even begin to describe how many shirts, hats, and keychains I saw on their site that I'd love to get... they have a REALLY nice selection of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise! But for the purposes of this article? I'll be reviewing two items in particular. 

The first (and honestly, one of my favorite pieces of GOTG merch so far) is the Guardians of The Galaxy Cosmic Neo 39Thirty Cap.

I thought it looked amazing in the pictures, but let me tell you all: the pictures do it NO justice. I love caps, and have been wearing them most of my life, and I can honestly say that this is one of the most visually stunning caps I've ever owned. It's made of a sturdy, stretchy material that allows it to fit your head perfectly, without ever being too tight or too loose, and the black and blue colors on it compliment each other wonderfully. I can say without a doubt that while I wish caps weren't as expensive as they are (remember, I come from the days when you could buy a brand new cap with your favorite sports team's logo on it for about $12-$15 max!) the price ($27.99) is actually cheaper than New Era charges for other Marvel caps on their official web site. If you're going to invest in any of the GOTG caps that are out there, this is the one.

The second item is the Guardians of The Galaxy Movie Poster T-Shirt.

Currently, the website is sold out of this shirt, but they DO seem to get shirts back in stock, so definitely keep checking with them if you're after this one. Let me say this right up front: my wife and I bought a couple of GOTG shirts to wear to opening night of the movie from Hot Topic. Those shirts were over $20 apiece, and while nice, are made of a very thin material. This shirt, at $19.99, is actually made much thicker and more durable. It also is a much better fitting shirt. 

Overall, I was very happy with both products, as well as the quick delivery once the order went out. I'll certainly be buying from them in the future, and you should too!


  1. Looking for t shirt with art work from the comic book 1st issue cover that ones cool but can't find where to buy it


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