REVIEW: Stop Staring At The Screen And Go See Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

By: Neil Davenport
Note: I am not a John McClane [Die Hard] fan of Marvel. I am only a lover of good film.

Unfortunately, I have a theory based on the idea that too much of a good thing is unhealthy; not that I wish for any such occurrence to happen, but Marvel is someday going produce a film (which is woven within the Avenger web) that is not going to reach or exceed my expectations. Fortunately, I am proud to say that my theory is so far proven false. Hands and raccoon paws down: along Iron Man, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Marvel’s best films yet!

Now, because I am a lover of good film, here is a list of things I did not like.
1. Information Overload: I understand why Marvel edited the film the way they did in establishing the characters, however amongst the first 15 minutes of introducing not only nine individuals, but their motives and their background, it was a bit much for a non-fanboy (or girls) to handle.

2. Montage of Planets: This Star Wars rendition is an attachment of the information overload.

3. Post Credit Scene: I believe I speak for most confused audience members when I say I am a tad disappointed in the post credit scene. I did not enjoy Cosmo licking the Collector’s face (a sliver of fanboy knowledge) and when Howard the Duck appeared instead of an Avenger member it kind of saddened me.

4. There is an “I” in team: When Nova Prime briefly told Peter he was only half human it sparked a reason for a sequel. However, when she mentioned that it was the only logical reason for him to wield the Power Gem (instead of the team’s goodness overcoming the grand destructive nature of the stone), it basically said that being human is not enough to be a hero.

Now because I am a lover of good film, here is a list of things I enjoyed.

1. Rocket’s Reason of Logic: Even though he is probably the rudest, crudest, and greediest Guardian of them all (which is what a raccoon is by nature), Rocket was the only one with commonsense. For example, in the scene where Groot pulls Drax out of the pool of yellow brain fluid, Rocket lectures on two no pity points. One: If you want to kill someone, it is stupid of you to risk the lives of others when you decide to obtain your goal. Two: Stop complaining about your losses in live because everyone has lost a love of some kind.

2. The Music and the Color Palette: The music was fantastic in setting the mood for a fun ride. Enough said. The color pallet was wonderfully filled; too many superhero films have recently been dull and dark.

3. Drax…the un-metaphorical side of all of us: I, as well a number of people suffer from the disorder of not being able to say what I would like to say 100% of the time. Drax’s “literal” dialog was, I feel, along the level of Groot, one of the strongest (no pun intended) character traits for the comedic relief.

4. There is no “I” in team: Continuing on the fourth point above, towards the ending boss scene, when the team of misfit toys all hold the Power Gem together and share the pain to then destroy Ronan, it is at that moment the team truly becomes Guardians. By them banding together and absorbing the stone’s energy to use it for good, the essence of their selflessness is seen to be a greater source of power that can triumph over anything evil, even an Infinity Stone.
As an overview, Guardians was a blast of fun! To me it was the ultimate “underdog” story that was a complete spoof of how a superhero is to be portrayed. The film was like The Avengers, but turned on its head, proving that even a clan of great disorderly cons, whose only motivation is either greed or vengeance, can join forces and defeat a recognizable evil greater than themselves. Though the film was a bit predicable, Guardians was an exceptional story that featured not only depth and character growth, but also summarized the idea of there being goodness within even an outlaw, an assassin, a destroyer, a tree, and a raccoon.  


  1. Great review! I agree with you about the 'Peter is half-alien, so that's why he survived' thing. I like to think he survived because of the goodness in his and the other Guardians' hearts.

  2. maybe he would have survived! Maybe it was the Terran heart in him that made the decision to do what he did in the first place. Or maybe it was just a way to further the plot for GOTG2. I thought it was a nice little ending and made sense coupled with the letter from his mother calling him her 'little starLord'

  3. Like you said it was the Novas who said "it was the logical reason for him to wield the Power Gem" that's what THEY think, the habitants of space, they know little about Earth. All the other gems have been also possessed by humans but they don't know that. So for they the logical is the other part of Peter, but it can actually be his Earther side the real why.

  4. I also was disappointed by the end credit scene. I remember watching Howard the Duck; wow that movie sucked. Why remind us of a bad movie after watching such a great movie? I also had a problem with Cosmo licking anyone's face. He is way too sophisticated to do that.


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