Weekly GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Poll Results: 8/12/14


  1. Sadly speaking, I contributed the 'I havent seen it' numbers, NOT because I didnt want to see it, but because it's still not open in my country and no sign of opening soon. With that said, I will definitely watch it the day it opens, but yeah, the long wait has sorta killed some of the hype I had, not to mention the internet had spoiled many things even if I have actively avoided them (how could one avoid when it's the headlines that did it?). I hope the same thing will not happen again for the 2017 sequel :(

  2. It's bothering me that those numbers don't add up to 100

    1. Oops. I just checked and the second one should be 29%. Good eye.

  3. I enjoyed the movie and glad it was successful at the box office and with critics but it was not as good as Captain America:TWS, imho, and The Avengers is still the MCU film to beat. GOTG was a bit too campy and humorous for my taste but glad it generated interest in Marvel Cosmic and the Nova Corps. I was a big time ROM Spaceknight fan in my early days of comic book collecting and the MCU Star-Lord mask reminded me a lot of ROM. I don't think I am alone in this either. Overall, GOTG was a big risk, glad it was well-received, and it was good to see many of these characters come to life. Never thought I'd see the day that Rocket Raccoon would become a household name or see the Nova Corps, even in their most basic iteration, on the big screen. A good start for all Cosmic Marvel fans.


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