SEQUEL: Who Would YOU Like To See In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2? (Editorial)

By Dan Payne
Yes, I know that the excitement of the CURRENT movie still hasn't worn off. Hell, *I* still can't stop talking about it. But that doesn't mean we aren't already eagerly awaiting the sequel. Especially with James Gunn's statement that he plans to add at least one more member to the team from the comics... that's got me, and I'm sure a lot of you, really thinking about both who wasn't in the first movie that should be put in, and who could play them.

So I sat down, and started thinking about some of my favorite cosmic characters that either aren't tied up by another studio, or who could at least be potentially purchased before then. I admit... just for the sake of conversation, I went REALLY outside the box on some of these. Take a look at my list, then let me know if you agree, disagree, or have your own ideas!

15. Cosmo

This one is so far down the list ONLY because he technically already appeared. Still, it was only a cameo, and he didn't talk. We want Cosmo the way he was in the DnA run of the comics. He could be a huge help to the team, especially if they eventually take on Knowhere as their base. Keep Fred the Dog though, he's flarking ADORABLE. But the voice? Only one man could properly give voice to our beloved Cosmo. And sorry, fellow Galaxians: it's not Nathan Fillion. If any of you ever watched the show Six Feet Under, you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.

Ed O'Ross ("Six Feet Under")

14. Adam Warlock

Another one that's only so far down the list because he was technically SORT-OF in the first movie. Don't remember seeing him? Well, you did and didn't. He wasn't there... but James Gunn confirmed that his cocoon WAS. See the picture below:

Still, he's a VITAL part of the cosmic storylines in the comics, and is almost essential to an Infinity Gauntlet story arc. And the casting has to be perfect for the character to work. You need someone who can play stoic, stuck-up, sarcastic, noble, and even creepy all at different times. Who do I think should play him?

Alexander Skarsgard ("True Blood")

13-11. Spaceknights of Galador
13. ROM
Yes, technically Hasbro/Parker Bros. owns the rights to him. And yes, they've shown no desire to sell to Marvel. But I can't give up hope here. Rom is a FANTASTIC character, and my personal favorite since childhood. The Spaceknights of Galador would make an amazing addition to the new cosmic arm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a small appearance (like the Nova Corps) would be spectacular. And who to play him? You'd need someone who's got a following, since Rom himself is fairly unknown now. Someone who can easily juggle silent strength and outbursts of emotion. The perfect actor for that?

Zachary Quinto ("Star Trek", "Heroes")

12. Starshine
When the earth woman Rom fell in love with became a Spaceknight, it was in the form of the warrior Starshine. Look at that armor and picture how awesome it could look onscreen. Even without Rom, if the Spaceknights appeared, Starshine would be cool to see. To play her properly, you need someone who's beautiful, but who also has a toughness to her that is clear to everyone. My choice?
Lauren Cohan ("The Walking Dead")

11. Ikon
A member of the third generation of Spaceknights, Ikon is simply put, a total bad-ass. She picked a fight with The Annihilators just to see what they were capable of, even while managing to come on to Quasar.  For her, you need someone capable of managing to balance bad-ass with flirty. My pick to play her?
Scout Taylor-Compton ("Halloween", "The Runaways")

10. Shuma-Gorath
A legendary creature of sheer destruction, Shuma-Gorath would make a little-known but FINE addition to the MCU villains. If done properly, it would be like having the Guardians face a cross between Godzilla and Cthulu. For some reason, for YEARS I've only pictured one man voicing this beast:
Christopher Lee ("The Lord of the Rings", "Dracula")

9. Lylla
Rocket's primary love interest, who normally I'd scoff at putting in a sequel if not for two things: 1., she's mentioned briefly in the current film, in Rocket's rap sheet. 2, if they give Rocket a spin-off eventually, she'd be a great part of the cast. She's the perfect Princess Leia type: a damsel in distress who can also kick ass when she needs to. The perfect voice for her?
Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Cruel Intentions")

8. Morg The Executioner
What's that, you say? We can't have Galactus in these movies? Or the Silver Surfer? Well... how about another one of the former Heralds of Galactus? One who's movie rights most likely still belongs to Marvel? Morg would be a great villain, like Ronan in terms of power, except a creature of pure rage and hatred. He wouldn't really have to talk much... just be a rabid animal for the primarily villain to throw at our heroes. And much like Drax, you need someone like a wrestler to look the part. So, my pick?
Brock Lesnar (Former UFC and WWE Champion)

7. Ego The Living Planet
I admit, this wouldn't be for much more than a small cameo... but sort of like the first time we saw Knowhere, can you IMAGINE seeing a planet with a face on-screen? It would be awe-inspiring. Obviously, nobody would be playing the part, as I doubt he'd talk, and would be entirely CGI.

6.  Beta Ray Bill
You want a nice little indirect connection to the rest of the MCU? Look no further than introducing Beta Ray Bill. An alien Korbinite who, eventually, is given the same powers as Thor by Odin of Asgard, and develops an interesting relationship with Lady Sif. I've always pictured Bill having a very dignified yet tortured sounding voice, and since he'd likely be CGI, a great voice for him would be...
Mads Mikkelsen ("Hannibal")

5. The Dire Wraiths
Sadly, Fox has the rights to using The Skrulls in their movies. Which leaves Marvel Studios without an intimidating race of shapeshifters. Or does it? The Dire Wraiths, introduced in the pages of ROM (Yes, I'm too into ROM. I know this. Let's move on.), have since turned up in many other Marvel titles, including Annihilators. Add the fact that they're completely TERRIFYING in appearance, and you could have a great villainous race in the making.

4. Martyr
While she began as Quasar, Phyla-Vell would be better served in a movie being Martyr from the start, as opposed to having to get into the entire story of Quasar. Face it, with Gamora as the only female, the Guardians need another female face, which is why three of the top four picks of mine are women. Martyr would be a total wild card, someone the rest of the team would never be entirely comfortable around due to her quick temper and the fact that she can be pretty batshit occasionally.
So to play her, we'd need someone who can be equally efficient at playing it calm, bitchy, and total killer. This was one of my fastest picks, honestly.
Emma Roberts ("American Horror Story", "Scream 4")

3. Angela
One of my favorite characters in the current GOTG run, Neil Gaiman's Angela has been fantastic as she's formed a bond with Gamora as essentially the two most deadly women in the galaxy (Rocket even nicknamed them The Murder Girls). Angela would be a tricky character to bring to life. Much like Drax, you'd need to balance stoic deadliness with attitude and subtle humor. While tempted to go with a natural redhead, I can't think of anyone better suited to play this part than...
Jennifer Morrison ("Once Upon A Time")

2. Mantis
Easily one of the most requested characters for a sequel, we ALL love Mantis. She's beautiful, intelligent, sweet (she even cares for Little Groot!), and most importantly, she gives the team a very powerful precog. She was without a doubt one of the highlights of the DnA run in the comics, and a character that has a special place in the hearts of most longtime Galaxians.
Another one of my easier picks, I had this one in mind before I even started the article.
Jamie Chung ("Sucker Punch", "Once Upon A Time")

And, my number one pick for a character we MUST see in the sequel...

1. Michael Korvac
Face it: Most of the really great cosmic villains are either belonging to another studio or already connected in some way with The Infinity Gauntlet story. But a classic, classic story could be told using this one villain, who'd gone forgotten for many years until recently. He's got different origins depending on whether you've seen his story in comics or on one of the Marvel animated series, so the long and short of it is: he's a humanoid who becomes possessed of godlike power, who in the end turns out to be very much misunderstood. His story could be not only very dramatic, but with some canon-tweaking, it could easily lead into Thanos gaining the final Infinity Stone. My pick to play this complex, dangerous character?
Benedict Cumberbatch ("Star Trek: Into Darkness", "Sherlock Holmes")

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing my wish list for the Guardians sequel. Any one of these characters being involved would thrill me. Whether you agree with them or disagree, I look forward to seeing your opinions!


  1. Replies
    1. I loved his inclusion, but honestly, I don't see a need for him to really turn up again.

  2. What about some of the original GotG roster ?

    1. I love the original roster, but after how they changed Yondu, I just can't think of a legit way to bring in the others without having to entirely change who they are.

  3. What about Nova? Martyr looks cool. She would be a good distraction for Star Lord. Angela would be good too.

    1. Normally Nova would have been at the top of my list, but since it looks highly doubtful we'll see him, I decided to leave him off.

  4. Wish they could throw in Corsair and the Starjammers

    1. I almost put them on the list until I realized that Fox probably has the rights to them due to their ties to the X-Men.

    2. They need to show up. Waste not, want not. Fox could have used them, if they didn't spend so much time emphasizing on Wolverine.

      Bring in Corsair...and have James Marsden play him (as a wink and a nudge to the audience)

  5. I want to see the whole final roster in the end of DnA's comicline, but MS doesn't have the rights for Bug. So at the very least, we need Mantis, Cosmo and Jack Flag, while Adam Warlock/Magus, MoonDragon, and Phylla-vell/Quasar/Martyr can act as villains turn members at the end of the movie. They should save Korvac for Guardians 3 (which I'm sure will happen in Phase 4).

    1. If they do introduce Warlock, the whole Magus story could be a multi-movie arc by itself, really.

  6. Bug would be a brilliant choice imo

  7. I really want to see Kang in the sequel as a villain. This could be a great occasion to play with different timelines, future guardians and stuffs !

    Or introducing the inhumans.

    But you're right, Phyla and Mantis need to be in it !

  8. Cosmo is disappointed you even had to ask, comrade.

    Seriously though, I expect the only reason they didn't have him talk in the movie, even during the post-credits, is because enough people are already giving the movie flack for having a talking raccoon and a tree, which somehow to some people's minds magically makes the movie worse. I don't get it, but there it is. I think Marvel decided a psychic dog with no explanation would just have been pushing it.

    Kang would be a nifty choice though. Shuma-Gorath is a nice drop as well, although they did confirm a Dr. Strange movie is in the pipes which seems like a more likely fit for him. That, or Dormammu.

    Angela would be cool but I think people would complain she's just a clone of Gamora, so perhaps a heavily nerfed Mantis. Mantis works for the comics but might be a bit much for the movie.

    1. Instead of that Jane/Thor kiss at the end of "The Dark World," it could have ended with Loki looking at Odin's personal collection of notes and whatnot, and he'd see a note about Angela, and would wonder who she was.

      It'd get the fans interested in her early on, then when she shows up, we'd know who she is.

  9. J'son of Spartax (Peter's dad) needs to be there.

    I REALLY hope Marvel Studios has the rights to the Shi'ar Empire; I'd like a "Game Of Thrones" scenario, with the Spartoi, the Shi'ar, and the Kree fighting for supremacy of the universe.


    Check out this great Guardians mural

  11. I was a big ROM Spaceknight fan when I first started collecting comic books regularly(aside from Transformers and GI Joe comics). Galador, Spaceknights, Brandy Clark/Starshine, even Ikon, all would be great to see. I'd have someone else portray ROM, imho. The Dire Wraiths are the distant female cousins of the Skrulls so Fox may have ownership to them . Never really cared for Phylla-Vel but was a fan of Genis-Vel. Beta Ray Bill has been on my Top Five Favorite Marvel Character list. Adam Warlock never interested me much in the past until DnA's GOTG Vol.2 run but he's got a real good chance of being part of the MCU. Cosmo, no doubt. Nova(Richard Rider) tops the list above all. It'd be great to see Nova and Cosmo together on the big screen. Marvel Studios has a big opportunity to do a Nova film right. Ripe full of great potential.


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