'Living Dead Clothing' Releases GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Clothing Line For Women

Hey Galaxians! Cameron, here. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! Sorry the site has been so slow lately. One of my New Years resolutions for 2015 is to post more often. I am very thankful for the following that this site has, and I miss chatting with my Guard The Galaxy family.

Anyway, I was recently contacted by Taryn Watt (PR Manager for 'Living Dead Clothing') about their new line of Guardians of the Galaxy clothing for women. They seem really excited about their collection, so I figured I'd post their press release on here:
"Living Dead Clothing has secured a world exclusive licensing deal with Marvel and have brought Guardians of the Galaxy to life on nylon. 
Available now, the collection features all your favorite Guardians characters and is made from the highest quality materials. 
All Living Dead Clothing is made in ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly conditions from the best Italian nylon. 
The collection includes leggings, skater dresses and skirts, bodycons and bodysuits and since its release there has been an absolutely incredible reaction around the world. 
Guardians of the Galaxy fans have fallen in love with the collection, as Living Dead Clothing is the only stretch-wear company in the world licensed by Marvel to produce Guardians of the Galaxy clothing."
To check out their Guardians clothing, click here. Stay tuned for more Guardians news in this new year.


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