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About Cameron:
"I began writing at a young age. I remember being about ten years old, sitting at my parent's PC, trying to adapt the movie Babe into novel form. I loved that little pig.

Growing up in Georgia, I spent most of my teenage years listening to rap music, eventually trying to emulate what I heard and saw on television. I began creating rap music with my friends and my sister. Although, I eventually had to hang up my dreams of being the next Fresh Prince, my time writing verses led me to melodic songwriting, which led me to poetry. Later on, I began writing short stories and currently, I'm working on a fantasy novel named Fauna. I enjoy long walks on the beach, bobsledding in Jamaica, thinking about my old cat Tux, and spending time with the wifey.

E-mail: clogan@guardthegalaxy.com
Twitter: @GuardGalaxy

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About Lokein Lyesmith:
"Born Stonie Ray Williams in Tulsa, Oklahoma and having grown up in the back of a comic book shop with more “uncles” than any one little boy really needs, I was destined to become a Comic Geek. My uncle, whom owned the comic book store, put on a Star Trek convention every year that also featured various other sci-fi and fantasy elements, including comic book writers and artists. At 12 I started volunteering at the convention, and by 16 I was organizing and running the staff and volunteers.

My entire life has revolved around the comic book/sci-fi/fantasy world, and while I've dabbled in the medical laboratory field, and as a guitarist often fantasize about going on tour with Zakk Wylde, the comic book world is my home; where I belong. And now as a closer-to-thirty-than-I'd-like husband and father, I'm able to share all of my nerdy with my kids, while blogging on GuardTheGalaxy, Avenge The Earth, and Geekin' allows me force my nerdy on the world."

E-mail: lokein.lyesmith@gmail.com 
Twitter: @GeekinPodcast 

Writer (News, Editorials, Reviews, etc.)

About Daniel Payne:
"Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA... I always had a love of comics from about the age of six on. The first books as a child that I was hooked on were ROM: Spaceknight, New Mutants, and Power Pack. Gradually, as I got older, I began reading X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, and a few others. When I hit high school, that's when my love for comics exploded. I probably collected around 40 titles a month at the height of my obsession.

And yes... I still love my old ROM comics. Cheesy as hell but still awesome.

I was a co-founder of Comics Fan Monthly, back when fanzines were still printed on paper. Damn, I feel old. I've dabbled in stand-up comedy, pro wrestling, and writing.

I'm a diehard Steelers fan, I love anything Star Wars (yes, even the prequels. Don't hate.), and have recently become hooked on Star Trek and Doctor Who. My favorite comics characters are Venom (the original, thanks), Green Arrow, Bane, Magneto, Deadpool, and Rocket Raccoon. My wife and I are both comics fans, and I'm currently trying to pass my love of the Guardians on to her. 

I live in Boston, MA now, where although I love the Sox, Celtics, and Bruins, I'm still a Steelers fan for life. I also found myself yelling 'BLAM! MURDERED YOU!" as Troy Polamalu nailed someone on the field this season."

E-mail: ironmaidenbdp@gmail.com

Writer (News, Editorials, Reviews, etc.)

About Garret Watts:
"I was born in Missouri, and never into comic books. If I saw one, I'd say “cool” and walk on. That all changed around 3 years ago. Marvel's Iron Man had been released for 3 years, and The Avengers' release was at hand...

I started to look at some of the amazing things done in comics as well as newer films, and I was really astonished. I learned all that I could about the topic, and began writing for ComicBookMovie.com. I'd never written before (and didn't think I was good at it), so it gave me a chance to. Now here I am with reviews, editorials and all, helping out 'Guard the Galaxy'! If you see the username “anthonyEstark”, feel free to say hi!"

Email: garretwatts2000@gmail.com